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   Hi! My name is Amani, I’m a brow specialist and founder of Amani PMU. With over 2 years of experience and multiple certifications, I strive on my ability to make my clients feel more beautiful and confident by enhancing their natural features. I offer services like microblading, lip blush, lash lift, brow lamination, brow grooming, and I'm looking to offer more.


    I often get asked where I found my love for aesthetics or how I got into this industry. It all started in high school where everyone used to compliment my brows (looking back they were horrible), but with that I developed an eye for eyebrows and started noticing everyone's brows. Growing up I always saw myself going the traditional route, getting my diploma and working a 9-5 because that's what my parents wanted.

    When university came around, I went into economics because I had no idea what I wanted to do and I told myself "if I want to make money why not learn how money works". Deep down I knew none of the programs in university were for me and that I would be miserable if I stayed. That's when I decided to try aesthetics in the summer.


    From the moment I started aesthetics, I knew I was never going back to university. When I started my career in the beauty industry I had started working at Alkhemist, stayed there for under 2 years, and decided to fully venture off on my own in May 2023.


    Leaving school and pursuing what I actually loved has allowed me to make 6 figures from 21 years old and have the freedom of doing whatever I wanted. If you're still reading this, go after what you love and don't listen to anyone else.

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